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This is Alex!

Performance-driven professional with 2+ years of experience as a digital content marketing creator. Hold a notable track record of success in creating thought-provoking content, engagement, followership, and meeting daily goals and objectives. Manage multiple tasks that improve customer retention and growth for retail, hospitality, and gatherings for large social events. Known as a valued resource, and skilled communicator with a passion for creating disruptive marketing content combined with a rollout strategy backed by service excellence that supports brand loyalty.

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My Story

 Born and raised in Connecticut, I attended Johnson & Wales University in Providence RI where I received my associates degree in culinary arts, and a bachelor's degree in food and beverage entrepreneurship. I have been a heavily creative individual, even since I was in elementary school. I have always been interested in things that make people happy our laugh. From creating, producing, managing, and hosting my very own LGBTQ+ lifestyle podcast entitled "The Latest and the Gayest" (which you can read more about in the podcast section above.) To designing multiple flyers, social media posts, and videos for events around my college campus for their choir and theatre group. A lot of which was done through my self taught skills on Canva, Adobe Illustrator, iMovie, QuickTime Player, CapCut, InShot, etc. I have always prided myself on being able to spot the smaller things other people seem to miss which is why most people would call me very detail oriented. A skill that greatly benefited me throughout my many years of freelance social media work for companies such as Capital Classics Theatre Company, the Greater Hartford Shakespeare Festival, the Universalist Church of West Hartford, and so many more! And which is also why they continue to ask me back for my help to this day!

Contact Me

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect!

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